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Tabula Razor

2019-08-07 02:49:29 | Profile
es mi idea o se parece bastante a geek usa

Luis Feer ツ

2019-01-31 20:31:58 | Profile
Everything about this album is just sublime... this album defined my late teenage years!

joshua hong

2019-01-14 07:28:10 | Profile
My favorite Band Were RHCP..But my Dream Band The Band I Always Wanted to Play Was The Pumpkins!!There Music Is The Only Style Of Music I want to Play..Them and Dinosaur Jr

Bea Almeida

2019-01-11 03:30:05 | Profile
Anyone else think the song sounds like guns and roses.Take me down to the paradise city

Ridiculous Faith

2019-01-08 20:36:59 | Profile
Goddamn it! The fucking 90s ruled!!!

arno herve

2019-01-08 11:59:35 | Profile
remind anyone else of paradise city?

Yetti Man

2019-01-05 17:11:20 | Profile
im gonna prolly stand in isolation on this but their earlier pre-gish recordings and songs that didntm survive past the earllier days are pretty damn valulable and relevant. gish was/is a stand out example of a first release and ve certain always loved it. im my "professional opinion (which i entertain as certain unwavering fact)" gish was the alpha and omega for them. a first/last release as far as im concerned. but as i acknowledged in my disclaimer- im gonna be alone on this. either shrug it off or go get fucked over cause your comments will never topple my resolve and defiance.

Hugo Brun

2018-12-27 14:32:59 | Profile
i am alone i am one.


2018-12-25 04:22:16 | Profile
...cade as outras musicas do Smashing...

Stephanie :v

2018-12-24 01:27:10 | Profile
I liked Gish and Siamese Dream but after that I could do without. I got to see them live when Billy Corgan still had hair and they were awesome.

Bernardina Patiño

2018-12-09 23:01:52 | Profile
Bill Nye the science guy

Maxim Kach

2018-12-09 15:45:54 | Profile
This song single handedly rewired my brain.In a good way.

Twizzy Jenkins

2018-12-02 01:46:25 | Profile
I need to go back to this time in my life.... terribly.

Luca Picicuto

2018-12-01 15:05:02 | Profile
Love the bassline on this one