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2020-02-07 08:48:02 | Profile
Great song, BUT: Hit-and-miss photos, mostly from the 50s. This song came out in 1937, depression era, with no Jack Benny or Marilyn Monroe in sight.

Izobel Ehlen

2020-01-19 04:56:23 | Profile
im comin from bioshock

Maria Marioli

2019-11-09 12:37:19 | Profile
I hope this kind of music comes back one day. I have no problem with new music but... I need more of this.

David Toro

2019-11-05 18:03:05 | Profile
When you’re here because your Social Studies class is starting World War II


2019-11-02 17:20:04 | Profile
I have a problem with this song, i think the Germán phrase Is incorrect, can anyone tellme if im right or wrong¿


2019-11-01 10:35:16 | Profile
Everyone is saying who’s here because of Let Me Explain Studios and I’m sick of them saying it Who’s here because of Let Me Explain Studios

Mister Dray

2019-10-19 01:41:22 | Profile
Finally found it. Bioshock 1,when youre trying to find that splicer to take a picture of in the tavern