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Kay Cole Bee

2019-11-18 23:28:42 | Profile
Kinda echoes whats happening in America now.


2019-11-18 10:18:42 | Profile
The lyrics are very deep for me

olivia Mag

2019-11-13 18:34:00 | Profile
Being half Native American, this song brings to life the blood that America had swept away under the rug

martin arriaga

2019-11-12 11:36:20 | Profile
Freedom to Palestine. Serj is keeping it real. Nobody wants war to go on forever. But if the oppressor ever finds peace, that would only mean that he has won.


2019-11-09 07:15:28 | Profile
And after shity songs like this a war started in syria

тамерлан исраилов

2019-11-04 00:56:16 | Profile
Its a fantasy world, a big portion of the world wants peace, but how can you apply peace to certain areas when other people want to harm the world? you have to fight back at them. But the true evil is the people in the top high places who ignite those wars for their benefits.


2019-10-31 07:15:19 | Profile
This song has made me to hate myself and the whole world much more than before.