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5 Marlene Dietrich - In Den Kasernen . 256 03:18
6 Marlene Dietrich - Kinder, haute Abend, da such Ich mir was aus 256 02:01
7 Marlene Dietrich - Near You 320 02:18
8 Marlene Dietrich - Ach, fräulein annie wohnt schon lange nicht mehr hier 192 03:05
9 Marlene Dietrich - Illusions (From "A Foreign Affair") 256 03:37
10 Marlene Dietrich - Lola "l'ange Bleu" 256 02:09


Павел Храмов

2020-02-02 13:47:13 | Profile
This song would make any soldier homesick and want to rush back to his girlfriend. I know I would. It’s too sad and nostalgic for a marching song. I love it though, strangely. I remember my uncle singing it.

Ap ple

2019-11-13 17:47:09 | Profile
The Original came with Lale Andersen.


2019-11-11 04:37:29 | Profile
I lov this miuzic iz very very nise Tango from NY Miriam Fruchter Sulyok

Rashanai Walfall

2019-11-10 02:11:09 | Profile
Thank you to the original poster. This is a beautiful song from WW2 and should be viewed/listened to as such. I have lost family from both sides during that war. Some were never found. We can all agree that war is bad and leave it at that. For us old soldiers, please let us find our peace in the music we choose. I am not a veteran of WW2 but it does not matter. Every soldier, airmen, marine or sailor have songs that bring them solace in the night when the demons and the nightmares come to haunt them. The music gives them some bit of peace as they remember friends living and dead alike. Remember all mothers and fathers lose children during every war. Every mother and father feels the same pain no matter what country they are from. Remember this before you say a mean word in an open forum such as this. Remember too that in the silence you allow some old soldier is peacefully coming to terms with their demons and maybe just maybe finding a moment of peace to lovingly remember a lost friend. Thank you for your attention. Aric Leadabrand. I can easily be found on gmail. Peace.